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It's my choice, not yours

Don't get my wrong, I love my daddy very VERY much... but he can drive me insane sometimes. This is the third time I have brought a boy home to meet my parents. And what does my Dad do? He embarrasses me, telling Ashton (the boy I WAS dating), that if he touches me, he is a dead man. Of course, my mom doesn't help when she says. "Should I go get the phaser right now?"

I mean, I am 16 years old, I'm not a child anymore. Everyone else has either boyfriends or girlfriends, why can't I have a boy in my life? I mean, I can't be Daddy's little girl forever right? Why is he so damn protective of me? I mean, this is my choice, not his. If I want to have a boyfriend, I don't think I need his permission. Mom tells me it's a father/daughter thing, but I think he is being way over to protective.

Daddy, I love you very much. But please, this is my choice, not yours.

what does "Image" mean to me?

First off, let me say that I am so sorry that I haven't posted here in a long long time. School has been hell for me and with Dad constantly on my butt about piloting school, I haven't had much time. But hopefully you will all hear from me more often.

I am in my 2nd year at the Academy. With the help of Uncle Chakotay and Aunt Kathryn I have been taking some classes that only 3 year cadets can take. So I am excited, hopefully I will graduate a year early.

Ben is like 4 now, and he's in that stage where the world evolves around him. I wonder if I was every like that. *giggle*

But, let's get to the topic. "Image"

Image isn't everything. I have learned this from my days in grade school, and here at the academy. Just because you're Andorian doesn't mean you don't know how to swim. (for those who don't know, Andoria is a ice planet.) People can be rude about other people's image. But you can never ever look at someone's outside. You have to look at their heart. Uncle Chakotay taught me that, and to this day still believe it.

Don't make fun of people because they look diffrent, always look inside their heart, that is what they truly look like.

Well, have to go to class. Hope you all have a wonderful week.


Who Do you Talk too when you need to?

Well, with me being 12 now it's really hard for me to talk to my parents anymore. It seems like I get into trouble more than anything. I never see Kroton much anymore with me being at pilot schooling, and well.. unfortunitly Toby went with Ben... so I bascially have no one to really talk to about my problems. Acutally, that isn't true. I have a lot of people I can turn too when I have a problem, its just, not the people I really want to talk too. I guess if I really really needed to talk to someone, it would be My Uncle Joe. But it seems like he never has time for me either. Everyone is so busy, and its hard to try to get incontact with him. Uncle Chakotay and AUnt Kathryn are always busy, and... well...

lowers head Never Mind.....

Vengeful and Being Like

I have always wanted to get revenge on the people who have not only called me names, but have hurt my friends and loved ones. But there is someone who always pulled me aside and told me that revenge is not the way to handle things.

I want to me like my uncle Chakotay. He has always pulled me aside and told me the that revenge is not always the better. He is very wise, and I hope that one day I can be as wise and wonderful like him. Another person I would like to grow up and be like is my mommy. She is an amazing woman, and I see why Daddy loves her so much. Yah, she does have a temper, a bad temper, but besides that, she is caring, compassionate, and amazing. And I hope that when I grow up, I will be just like her!!

I love you mommy!

Something you dont like about yourself

Miral grabs a hold of her hair gently and runs her fingers through it.

Is it wrong to dislike my hair? Everyone that has curly hair wants my hair, and I want theirs. I dont have one darn inch of curl in it. It's straighter then a flatboard and if I even want to curl it I have to ask Mom to do it and half of the time she tells me no.

Sigh I wish I can have Auntie Kathryn's hair. SHe has a nice curl to it. And Aunt Seven's hair is beautiful when its down and curly.

I hate my hair...

My Favorite and Least Favorite Race....

Miral looks down at her feet.

Well, since Klingon and Human are not alien to me, then I guess my favorite alien race would be the Bajorans. THey are such a spirital people who can kick butt when they need to. I have been to Bajor once when Mommy and Daddy took me to go see the Emissary temple. I really thought it was boring until I heard that during the time that the Emissary was killed was the time frame that Mom's friends were killed. If I had to trade my forehead ridges with anything, it would be nose ridges.

My least favorite alien race? I don't like Romulans. They think they know everything and that is simply not the case. If we had to get rid of any alien race, Romulans would be on my top list. I think they are rude, aggressive, and they think they are all that..which by the way they are not.

XOXO ~Miral~
Wow, this is not a tough topic at all! I love so many people I am not sure where to begin. The following people are just a few of who I love so very much. They have inspired me to follow my heart and my dreams. Yes, sometimes I don't follow my brain and I let my klingon side kick in, but they have helped me through the rough times, and I love them so very much. They give me the courage and the strength and I am so very happy that they are all apart of my life.

I love you all so very much! Thank you for being such an important part of my life.

The Last Time I was in the Cockpit!!

*Miral smiled* That was today actually. You see, Daddy and Mommy have been gone these past few weeks. They got stuck teaching at the academy so Uncle Harry has been watching us. Luckly, Auntie Kathryn saved me and asked if I wanted to go with her to Jupiter Station with her.

*Giggles* Auntie Kathryn knew I was going through hell, I mean.. It's uncle Harry that is watching us... he is like a kid himself. Anyways, I got to fly the whole way there, spending some quality time with my Auntie Kathryn. I am so excited about  Auntie Kathryn and Uncle Chakotay's baby. I  am hoping its a girl, that would be so cool... She would be more fun to dress up then Ben.


An Embarassing Moment

And Embarassing moment of mine was when I was walking home from school with a boy.. (Yes a boy), his name was Chad. (Damion didn't work out... its a long story).  Anyways, he is half betazed and we were playing a "mind" game. Suddenly I tripped over a rock and fell flat on my face, scraping my cheek and ridges. Chad quickly helped me up but I was so embarassed my face was all pink.

There is nothing more embarassing then making yourself look like an idiot in front of a boy...  *Sigh* At least this happened a few weeks ago.... 


In Loving Memory....

*Miral Kathryn Paris slowly entered the memorial center at Scifantisy. She had purposily left Toby at home, for she had to do this by herself. She had carried her backpack with her, and she had a picture frame in her hand. She walked into the large room and walked to one area where a carved memorial stone stood tall. It had a single flame and a picture of a beautiful young girl.
Miral lowered her backpack to the floor and slowly opened it, setting out a candel and slowly lite it, and placed it next to the stone. She than slowly lifted out a single white rose and placed it next to the candel. Than she slowly sat down next to it and looked at the picture.*

Continue.....Collapse )